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animate and keep your social networks alive

by RentSF

Nowadays, social networks have become one of the essential elements to promote a company. It is one of the essential channels for a company’s communication to develop its notoriety, its turnover and retain its employees. Good management of social networks is therefore essential, hence the importance of the role of the community manager.


What is a community manager in a company?

The community manager is the E spokesman of a company on the internet. He mainly deals with the animation of the social networks of a company. It seeks to gain followers, fans, and build an audience with the target audience and collaborators in your business.

The latter performs all the roles linked to the animation of the community. It can produce content, the share of different types of social networks, set up all kinds of action to increase the audience of the network, and especially interact with the community.


Why go through an agency for the community management of your company?

Several reasons can push companies to outsource all or part of their community management in order to promote their products or their activities.

Ensure the perfect management of its social networks

The community manager manages the company’s image and influence on social networks, with the overall objective of improving profitability. He specializes in managing accounts and company pages on various networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

It is also up to him to define the most relevant type of network according to the desired objective.

Managing social networks is time-consuming work for which an agency comes to facilitate your task. She is responsible for setting up quality communication around your company.

Indeed, even if you are present on all networks, if you do not post regularly, there will be no positive impact on your organization.


The role of community management is to develop an effective content strategy adapted to the social network used.

By working with an agency, you will jointly develop an editorial schedule according to the network used. It will constantly monitor your networks and carry out studies of the impact on its sector, in order to consolidate the position and profitability of your brand.

She also takes care of the implementation of performance indicators, also called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These are essential in order to measure the results obtained and define new actions to be carried out.

The community manager is the guarantor of the e-reputation of your brand

Before embarking on social networks, it is essential to take care of your reputation and the image of your brand vis-à-vis customers.

It, therefore, becomes essential to have an irreproachable customer service to satisfy as much as possible its target audience. Your company must also remain present and available to report all the information, needs and expectations of the public. And it is the community manager who can help you on this axis.

Working with a community manager earns you points in terms of e-reputation and he ensures your back in case of misunderstanding with customers or their dissatisfaction.

It has moderate or responds sensitively to x comment s and x criticals d u audience. It also has the role of responding intelligently to negative communications that can damage your image.

The community manager must also manage the problems and difficulties that Internet users may encounter when browsing your site and your social networks.

It is up to him to provide personalized solutions adapted to the user’s needs so that he keeps a good image of your company. This is essential to ensure the credibility and reliability of your brand in the eyes of the public on the web and beyond.

The typology of users of the different social networks

In order for social networks to be a truly effective tool in your communication and sales, it is essential to know the type of user-targeted. This will allow you to better determine the most suitable social network for your activity.


You should know that more than 38 million French Internet users connect to Facebook at least once a month, which makes it an essential network for developing your brand. 51% of French users are women. The majority of its daily users (49%) are between the ages of 25 and 49 and 35% are over 50.


Currently, Twitter has over 310 million users. 25% of men and 21% of women use it. If your company’s activity is, therefore, more focused on young men, Twitter is the right platform. Its users are on average between 18 and 30 years old.


LinkedIn is considered the premier professional social network. It has over 400 million users. 26% of men and 25% of women are registered. If you are looking to recruit or forge new partnerships, this is where you need to be.


YouTube also holds an important place in the ranking of essential social networks for businesses. It has more than 1 billion users, of which 46% are women and 54% are men. Its users are between 14 and 34 years old.

Choose Multimed Solutions as a community manager 

Community management is an important element for your company. Indeed, this activity allows you to delegate the management of your social networks and to ensure part of your digital marketing. Your provider must then be chosen carefully.

Animating several pages on several social networks takes time and requires special skills. Outsourcing this task to a community management agency is possible and is strongly recommended for effective communication. You can choose from among the offers offered by Multimed Solutions.

To effectively delegate this responsibility, you must clearly define your needs and expectations and the budget you wish to allocate to this project. Prices generally vary depending on the amount of content to be provided and the resources you want the agency to make available to you. Contact our team to benefit from our support and quality community management.


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