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A website without visitors is useless for your business

by RentSF

Owning a website for your business is the first step in developing your business on the internet and starting to find new customers. But very quickly a problem will appear: how to make it visible and provide it with satisfactory traffic to generate prospects and generate turnover?

No traffic to your business site, no new customers …

Tens of millions of websites are indexed on search engines like Google, but very few show up on the first page of search results.

Over 90% of sites referenced on search engines do not receive visits.

If your business has a website but you don’t have a strategy defined to acquire traffic, chances are you are. However, it is clear that a website that does not receive the visit of Internet users will not be able to help you generate new customers and increase your turnover.

And this is not just for e-commerce sites, but all commercial sites.

Before investing in the creation of a website, it is necessary to ask yourself why and how to attract Internet users to the pages of your website.

How to receive visits from future customers?

A site that does not generate visits is inefficient. But there are many ways that can be used to receive visits to your business website.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. We can in particular quote:


The first instinct is to create content on your business website in order to attract traffic from your potential customers’ searches. By regularly writing articles that contain keywords related to your activity, your site will gain places on search engines. However, this strategy takes time to bear fruit and requires some expertise to write quality and relevant content.

Paid SEO

It is the most used and most effective way to generate visits from Internet users interested in your products or services. Buying search engine clicks by posting ads allows you to be assured that visitors are genuinely interested in your offer . Moreover, this solution makes it possible to pay only for the visitors received and makes it possible to target very precisely thanks to a system of keywords.

Social networks

Social networks are a good way to attract future customers to the pages of a professional website. But sharing a simple post with the audience of your pages is not the most likely to increase your sales.

Indeed, classic posts do not have enough visibility to reach new customers. As with buying clicks on search engines, it is possible to sponsored your posts or create ads on social networks by targeting very precisely buyer profiles and redirecting them to your website.


Email marketing is an inexpensive way to gain traffic . By regularly sending a newsletter, for example, it is possible to increase visits to your company’s website. However, this technique requires having a contact list and is therefore intended for Internet users who have already been in contact with your company, as part of a remarketing strategy.

These actions require some expertise and inevitably have a cost, but they will allow you to find new customers and increase your return on investment.


Plan a budget for the visibility of your site

These different techniques to acquire traffic must be managed by professionals to be fully effective, as it requires time and expertise.

It will therefore be necessary to plan a budget according to your abilities and the objectives you want to achieve.

Paying to bring in visitors is not exceptional since it is an ordinary practice in the field of digital marketing.

In addition, the more visits a page receives, the better it is referenced on the pages of search engines such as Google, provided that it is of high quality and responds to Internet users’ research. Attracting visitors via advertisements is therefore extremely beneficial for the visibility of your site and will allow you to generate revenue.

Entrusting the management of the visibility of your website to an agency will also allow you to reduce your advertising costs, thanks to the constant optimization of your campaigns by our experts in digital strategy and the monitoring and sustainability of traffic.

While it comes at a cost, buying visitors to your business site is necessary to generate revenue using the internet and achieve your digital strategy goals. Because without visitors, your website is useless.


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