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Advertising on Facebook or Google to find or return customers

by RentSF

Many companies are affected by the current health crisis. This makes it difficult for them to attract new customers or to bring back old ones. To improve your customer relationship and de facto your profitability, the use of effective means of communication is essential.

You should not hesitate to use new channels to promote your activity. Google and Facebook are at the head of the bill for this. Internet advertising is both accessible and effective. More and more companies are adopting it to gain market share or gain customers. But what are the real benefits that can be derived from it? And what are the different types of digital advertising?


Digital advertising is gaining ground

The advertising online deals more than ever a place essential in the corporate marketing strategy, be it small and micro-businesses or too large corporations. Not only is this an effective way to find new customers, but it is also a solution that helps to effectively retain them later or bring them back.

Among the most used channels are Facebook and Google. They are the market leaders and they continue to expand their influence. They have largely replaced traditional means of communication such as television, radio, directories, and print. Investing in these new media has therefore become a must for any company worthy of the name.

The many advantages of digital advertising

Digital advertising brings many benefits to a business. In particular, it provides access to millions of consumers around the world. It then became inconceivable to do without social networks and a website to gain visibility.

Online advertising also allows you to specifically reach your target customers. By setting up the offers and services based on the center ‘s interest to your target customers , their behavior s purchase and their taste s , you are sure to improve your profitability.

With digital advertising, you also have the possibility of obtaining exact and precise statistics to improve your business. You will be able to know in real time the number of Internet users browsing your website and your social networks, the exact number of clicks, as well as the conversion rate of your digital campaigns. This will make it less difficult to adjust the offers offered and to define the best marketing strategy based on concrete facts and the results obtained.

This type of advertising also gives you the opportunity to offer your personalized products and services in different forms. To reach your audience, you can use advertising videos and images that have a lot more impact than traditional advertising tools like print and directories.

Advertising on the Internet has very affordable costs, closer to print than to television or radio, while being more advantageous and promising better results.

The different types of digital advertising

You can use different types of digital advertising, including Google Ads, advertising s Facebook or Instagram advertisements.

Google ads

To generate the traffic, Google Ads ads are an essential method, provided you use them well. The principle is simple: you just need to design paid advertising campaigns with simple, but effective ads on the internet. The information they contain must of course be related to the activity of your company. This method is based e on a keywords system . It pushes the search engines to make the service you offer rise among the first results on those keywords.

Google Ads has many strengths, including the ability to achieve precise targeting using well-defined keywords based on geographic location, language used, and interests of Internet users.

You also have the option to design and deliver a campaign according to your budget. This digital advertising is therefore accessible to everyone, whatever the means at your disposal.

V o we have for that the choice between a cost per click ( CPC ) or cost per thousand impressions ( CPM ). CPC is the price you pay the search engine or publisher for a click on a link that brings a visitor to your site. CPM is the price you pay for 1,000 displays of your ads.

In any case, Google Ads advertising is very fast. In fact, in less than 24 hours, you can see your ad online. It also offers the possibility of quickly evaluating the effectiveness of the campaign.

Facebook advertising

Companies opt for Facebook advertising to gain visibility. This is a great solution to reach internet users who might be interested in your products and services.

In order for Facebook advertising to be successful, there are some things that need to be considered. We must create the visuals have ttrayants and cared for, be it videos or images. The message you convey, the vocabulary and the tone to be used must also be carefully chosen so that they correspond to the target audience of your activity.

It is also important to offer advertising with real added value. Indeed, your content must be credible, relevant and attract your audience. For example, you can regularly offer promotional offers, discounts, or even freebies.

Instagram advertising

If your target audience is quite young, Instagram advertising is the best fit for your business. Indeed, the majority of users of this social network are between 18 and 29 years old. You should also know that an Instagram ad does not require a large budget. It is, therefore, suitable for companies of all sizes, whether they are SMEs or large companies.


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