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How to layout independent -Shopify mode

by RentSF

Many products on the market are not suitable for independent stations.

The more ordinary, the more popular the product, the less suitable for independent stations. The stranger and weird the product, the better the conversion rate.

 However, the scalability of these peculiar products will be very poor, it is difficult to form a vertical sub-category, and can not form a theme site. The scalability of such a site will be very poor, and it is necessary to constantly select new and strange products to feed the site to make a profit. If you can’t form a personalized theme site, you can’t build a small brand, which makes it difficult to enhance the value of the site, without the ability to premium.

So how to make a site have enough scalability? Let this site have enough life cycle to get more profits? Use Shopify to build a vertical category website.

Today, I will give an example. How should we arrange independent stations? :

For example, I want to create a small site for the home category, and maybe subdivide it a little bit. For the category of kitchen utensils, maybe I want to subdivide a bit more, decorating kitchen gadgets? Then we choose a small Niche market and focus on kitchen gadgets.

Now we have a general direction to make kitchen tools, such as some peelers, small knives, cake molds and so on. With this general direction, we need to determine a theme, a theme that really makes us feel us. Then, we are determined as Most Powerful and Creative Tools for Kitchen. We use the brand name: ABCKitchen.

After determining the theme, we need to create an atmosphere. Let customers know that if you want to find some powerful and innovative kitchen tools, then you should come to ABCKitchen. And ABCkitchen stands for very creative kitchen gadgets. This needs products to reflect, so the selection of products will become very important.

In this way, we have initially constructed the small brand ABCKitchen. Now, to the most important link, testing. Only the test reveals the truth. Can such a small store make you profit? Does anyone like such a product? We test. How to test it?

You can use Facebook, Google, or other advertisers to play your ads. This method is the fastest and most effective. For example, we advertise on Facebook to test our products. By spending 15 dollars a day and looking at the effectiveness of the advertisement, we can probably know whether the product we choose is suitable.

When you test for a period of time (usually 5 days), if the advertising effect is not so ideal, you only need to replace some similar products before testing. The data shows that it is really bad, so you need to consider whether the market segment you choose is appropriate.

As long as the test results are passed (orders can be issued or many people add purchases), then the market segment we have chosen can be deepened. Strive steadily and build a small brand. Because only the brand can give you enough premium ability and enough profit.

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