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Personal services company: why create your website

by RentSF

Whether you run a home help company, gardening, landscaping, school support, computer assistance, or more generally a personal services company …, you are surely asking yourself the question of the interest of a website in your area and what it could bring you.

What are the good reasons for creating a website and what will this site bring you?

In the digital age, all your targets are on the Internet (elderly or disabled people and their entourage, families for household help and childcare, etc.).

Consumers (your potential customers) surf every day to make their purchases, complete the procedures or search for service providers (it is in the latter case that you are particularly concerned).

Without a website, you leave those leads to your competition.

A showcase site to introduce you

In the personal service sector, you do not always have a commercial space, which is difficult to have a “storefront”. And yet personal assistance is a saturated and very competitive sector.

A neat website will help you make yourself known and stand out effectively among all the existing offers.

Your profession, your know-how

A site will allow you to present your company, its services, the quality of your service, and your positioning.

You will be able to promote your expertise in the field of personal service.

Do not hesitate to have your satisfied customers testify there to reassure your prospects.

Your information

You can, if you wish, display the prices of your services on your site.

Also communicate your opening hours, your area of ​​intervention, all the details to contact you, an access map if necessary.

The goal is to make it easier for your future customers and to encourage them to make an appointment or request information.

A site to be visible

It may seem obvious but to appear on search engines when an Internet user performs a search, you must have a website.

With this online showcase, you are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your prospects get useful information every day, including weekends and holidays.

Your sector sometimes requires a strong need for manpower. With a site, you can communicate your recruiting needs and receive resumes from qualified people interested in your business.

Create a site to increase your credibility

A website serves your reputation and gives credibility to your business.

Being credible, reassuring, and inspiring confidence are priorities in your sector of activity since you intervene directly in the privacy of people who entrust you with what they have most precious (their home, their children, their parents …) .

A site to increase interaction with your customers

In personal service, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything. Creating a site for your business facilitates customer interaction and improves your responsiveness.

You can manage requests from the site directly by email, answer questions from your prospects and customers easily and at any time.

The essential features for the creation of a personal service site

A contact form

The contact form is the essential tool for your website!

It will encourage and facilitate the making of contact with your prospects, the first objective of your site. It will also allow your customers to easily communicate with you.

From a simple free callback request to a more complex quote request, it will allow you to obtain the necessary information to create a prospecting database and establish your quotes.

You can also use it in your recruitment process to receive applications for your job offers.

An interactive access map

If you have commercial premises, an interactive access map will help Internet users to visit you by providing them, for example, with the route to get to your premises.

A CMS to easily and regularly update your site

A CMS is a solution that allows you to manage all or part of your website without specific IT skills.

Why is this a mandatory feature?

Because you have an activity and know-how to highlight: customer testimonials, new services, promotional operations, information on the aids and devices available to your customers … are all useful information for your customers and your prospects on which you must communicate and which will help you improve the SEO of your website but also your image as an expert in your sector.

Personal services and home help companies, therefore, have everything to gain from creating an efficient and rewarding website.


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