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The importance and benefits of e-mailing for businesses

by RentSF

E-mailing is a marketing technique consisting of automatically sending e-mails to a list of contacts or prospects in order to present them with the new offers of the company or to retain them.

It is one of the most powerful communication levers that VSEs and SMEs can exploit to reach their targets and develop their sales. Indeed, customers are more receptive to this communication channel. Haven’t yet integrated e-mailing into your overall small business communications strategy? Here are all the good reasons to get started now.


Easier communication thanks to e-mailing

E-mail marketing is a very effective tool to easily communicate with your customers and prospects.

Indeed, setting up an e-mailing campaign is quick and allows you to create solid relationships with your audience. It is a sales and prospecting support tool that we help you set up.

We design e-mails that promote your products and/or services, generate traffic to your website, increase your sales and retain your customers. In addition, we assess performance through precise indicators, allowing you to measure the ROI.

Controlled costs

The success of e-mail marketing with VSEs and SMEs is also justified by its value for money. This commercial technique is one of the cheapest to set up and yet allows to target a very large audience.

Generally, packages will be offered to you according to your objectives and in particular the number of contacts you wish to reach.

A little intrusive communication

E-mailing is not as intrusive as texting or making phone calls, which are likely to be a source of disturbance for your recipients. Receiving an e-mail is more discreet and, to a certain extent, even takes on a voluntary nature since it is up to the receiver to trigger the action of reading or not your message when opening his mailbox.

E-mailing is therefore a method of communication that is more respectful of the privacy of your prospects, which makes it particularly appreciated by the public who today prefer to have the choice of the treatment of the communications they receive. For small structures, this is an opportunity to convey a more human image to their interlocutors.

Personalized targeting thanks to e-mailing

Any good marketer knows that a message has more impact when it is personalized for its target. By using e-mail as a communication channel, you have this possibility of personalization, for example by sending a personal message to some of your targets. You can thus send personalized messages based on certain criteria such as their purchasing preferences, their location, their interaction rate, etc.

By directly addressing your targets, you optimize the effectiveness of your campaign and in particular a 26% higher open rate, a 14% higher click rate than a standard email, and a conversion rate of up to 10 % higher.

E-mailing makes it possible to measure the results of the campaign almost instantly

Concrete and measurable results quickly

It is very important to be able to concretely measure the success of your campaign in order to be able to define areas for improvement. Thanks to e-mail marketing, you have clear statistics in real-time: open rate, number of clicks, reception rate, number of leads, etc. These are all concrete data to which you have access and which give you a precise idea of ​​the impact of your strategy on your target audience.

E-mailing also has the advantage over other channels in that it allows you to measure campaign results almost instantly. Unlike TV or radio ad campaigns, you don’t have to wait several weeks for feedback. You access the statistics in the forecast indicators directly via the e-mailing software and can monitor the performance of your campaign in real-time.

Note that it is advisable to wait at least a day to obtain actionable data for the refinement of your digital marketing strategy.

A strengthened customer relationship

Since customer relations are a priority for all companies, whatever their size, e-mailing is an effective way to maintain it regularly since it allows you to interact with your customers.

By allowing you to personalize the messages sent to them, but also to keep them informed of your news, e-mailing helps to consolidate this relationship. Customers appreciate discovering your new offers in this way and the fact that they receive them directly in their mailbox before the general public can give them a feeling of privilege, which always pays off for VSEs / SMEs.

E-mailing as a loyalty tool

Personalized emailing can be used to turn prospects into customers, but its real value is that it keeps your customer base loyal. By using this channel, you can follow up, send greetings, offer personalized offers to customers, which are all actions to consolidate your relationship.

The real benefit of a small organization is that it allows you to retain every customer that you have so hard-earned and even turn them into ambassadors of your brand by prioritizing messages that are useful and relevant to them.

A tool at the service of the company’s credibility

Having credibility is necessary, especially for small businesses that face significant competition. It is essential to gain recognition in its field of activity and to acquire a certain legitimacy in the eyes of the public.

By using e-mail, you can assert your expertise in your field by regularly sending them quality content such as white papers for example, or by referring them to product demo pages.

Finally, for a successful marketing project when you are a VSE or an SME, the most important thing is to entrust the creation of your e-mailing campaign to professionals such as our experts who will adapt the solution most suited to the needs of communication of your business.


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