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The logo: the starting point for successful communication

by RentSF

When you set up your business, you don’t necessarily pay much attention to it, sometimes you take care of it yourself. And yet the logo has a capital role in the success of your business and in its communication.

A logo is built

To obtain a professional and effective logo, all the elements that compose it must be thought out with care.

A logo is built: typography (fonts used), colors (and their symbolism), layout … everything has a meaning and a goal: to make your company recognizable and to convey its image in a positive way.

The pictogram or symbol that can accompany your logo is an important point. It is he who will have the strongest power of recognition. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an illustration of your activity.

Take the example of the logo of BMW, the iconic German car manufacturer. 


BMW logo: a non-illustrative pictogram

Despite its presence in the automotive and motorcycle industries, the brand’s logo has no connection with these two worlds. Indeed, it uses the black rim of the Rapp logo (the initial name of the brand) and incorporates the colors of Bavaria (place of creation of the brand).

This choice of non-illustrative pictogram has allowed the brand to hardly change its logo since its creation.

Take into account scalability

A logo is not frozen in time, it must be able to evolve with your business. And to be able to evolve while remaining recognizable and identifiable with your company, it is important to give priority to the symbol more than to the colors or the typographies.

Indeed, you may have to evolve in more and more varied activities and therefore change the symbolism of the colors used on your logo. To keep an image always modern and dynamic, you will surely need to evolve the font (s) used on your logo.

The design format of your logo is essential

If you really want to be able to use your logo in good conditions in any medium, you should not create it on Word, PowerPoint or any other such software. You must use software suitable for vector creation such as Illustrator for example.

Why a vector image? Because unlike a classic image, you can apply transformations (enlargement, shrinking, rotations, scaling …) to a vector image without losing quality. This means that by creating a vector logo you can be sure that you can use it on a letterhead document as well as on a promotional pen, sign, or 4×3 sign! 

A logo must be effective before it looks good

The last thing to understand before choosing your logo is that it must be effective, and therefore make an impression. So it won’t necessarily be the prettiest or the one you like the most.

On the other hand, it should be the one that will set you apart the most from your competitors!

How to recognize an effective logo?

  • it is simple: it is easily identified and it is quickly memorized
  • it is balanced: the proportions must be harmonious and be able to adapt to all media
  • it is sober: most of the most famous logos consist of only one or two colors and one or two typographies
  • it is readable: the choice of typography is therefore very important so that your logo can be read from near and far


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