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Why use professional quality photos for your communication?

by RentSF

We are all used to seeing very high-quality pictures today on television and in magazines. We are bombarded with professionally made and mostly edited images.

What is the impact of an amateur photo?

An amateur photo on a site has a direct impact on your prospects today. It discredits your business and does not encourage it to contact you. And whatever the medium on which this photo is used (website, social networks, commercial brochure, flyer …).

This phenomenon is however amplified on the Internet since we look at the images before reading the content of a site or a post on the networks.

Take the example of a low-quality photo used as a large banner on the homepage of a website. A user only gives your site 3 seconds to decide whether or not it stays on your page, if the first thing he sees is an image that does not value your business, he will not push his visit any further and will return directly to their search page to find another professional.

In order not to be judged on the wrong basis, you must therefore ensure that you use professional-quality visuals on all your communication media.

What is the role of images in your communication?

As Confucius said, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

For a business, visuals have much more than a supporting role or illustrations. They are eye-catching and help convey your message.

But powerful visuals will also allow you to increase your online presence. A beautiful image with a good message can go viral and will undoubtedly be more easily shared on social media than a single text.

For an online store, images have an even more important role in product sheets. These are the only glimpses your future customers will have of your product; if they are unrealistic, attractive, and convincing, you have very little chance that they will buy them from you even if your product is of quality.

How to recognize a professional quality image?

The frame

A professional photo will have a good framing, this one respecting classic rules of composition in photography (rule of 2/3 1/3, golden ratio …).

Here are some other characteristics of a rewarding photo for your communication:

  • focus on the subject
  • foreground and background processing


In a professional group photo, for example, a suitable focal length will be used so as not to distort people and faces.

We will favor a wide-angle for indoor photos, but not too much so as not to distort the perspective.

The resolution of the photo

Contrary to what one might think the number of pixels is not the main element of a quality photo. The quality of the optics and sensors should be favored for better image sharpness (degree of sharpness of the center of the field) and better natural light.

As you will have understood, images have a very important impact on the communication of all companies and even more so for very small businesses and SMEs. They can give you credit if they are professional as they serve you if they are too amateurish. If you need to make your image credible with professional photos, do not hesitate to contact Multimed Solutions.


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